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The Effect of Early Feed Restriction on the Commercial Pieces of Two Broiler Chicken Strains
Jola Josephien Mariane Roosje Londok and John Ernst Gustaaf Rompis

Animal Science, Sam Ratulangi University


Background: Feed restriction programs applied early in the life cycle of broiler were one of the alternatives to reduce problems related to the high growth rates of the modern strains. Early feed restriction programs intended for reduce carcass fat in broiler chicken and in turn can pursue compensatory growth to produce market body weight and commercial pieces similar to control group. Material and Methods: This research was conducted with the aim to evaluate the effect of feed restriction on starter periods of two different broiler strains on commercial meat cuts. The study was conducted on 200 day old chicks with an average body weight of Lohman strain of 44.16 ± 3.72 grams and Cobb strain of 45.79 ± 3.95 grams. The method used in this study was a completely randomized design (CRD) factorial 2x4 pattern with 3 replications. As a factor A was the chicken strain, the A1 was Lohmann, and A2 was Cobb. Factor B was the start of the application of food restrictions as much as 20% for 8 days, namely B0 without restrictions, B1 = starts on day 8, B2 = starts on day 11, and B3 = starts on day 14. There are 8 treatment combinations. Feed was given ad libitum before and after restrictions application until day 35. Results: The feeding trial show that the treatments highly significantly affected (P<0.01) percentage of carcass and percentage of brisket. Final body weight, percentage of carcass, percentage of breasts, percentage of wings and percentage of brisket were significantly affected by strains, while the percentage of thighs was not significantly affected by strains. Final body weight, the percentage of carcass and breast for Lohman strain is higher than Cobb. The percentage of wings and the percentage of Cobbs back are higher than Lohmans. Conclusion: The application of feed restrictions in the Lohman strain at starter period was better than Cobb strain in terms of the percentage of commercial pieces.

Keywords: Broiler, Feed restriction, commercial pieces.

Topic: Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, and Veterinary Science


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICoFA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Jola Josephien M Roosje Londok)

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