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Educational Model Based on Life Skills: A Meta-Synthesis
Aswin Bancin

State University of Medan


Aswin Bancin, Educational Model Based on Life Skills: A Meta-Synthesis The problems that will be examined in this study are (1) How the Concept of Education Based on Life Skills (2) How Education Management Based on Life Skils (3) How the Education Management Model Based on Life Skills and (4) How the results of Education Management Based on Life Skills are applied both general skills and specific life skills. This research was carried out in the form of Meta-synthesis, also referred to as Systematic review, a research method to identify, evaluate and interpret the results of similar studies to answer research questions, specific topics or phenomena that are of concern. From such data will be identified, analyzed and interpreted to produce conclusions. In this study the author will conduct a meta-synthesis (identifying, evaluating and interpreting) 20 research journals based on Life Skills Education, so that the authors get new concepts or deep new insights about Life Skills-Based Education Models. The author will conclude a lot of information from 20 journals that may conflict with each other or support each other which then can increase the strength of the authors analysis, overcome uncertainties and also be able to answer questions about the life skills education model proposed in previous studies.

Keywords: Educational, Life Skills

Topic: Education and Research Global Issue


Conference: The 4th Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Aswin Bancin)

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