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Clean and Healthy Living Pocketbook for Pesantren towards Bandung City Free of Scabies
Yani Triyani1, Eka Hendryanny2, R. Anita Indriyanti3, Wida Purbaningsih4, Titik Respati5

1. Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine UNISBA
2. Physiology Department, Faculty of Medicine UNISBA
3. Pharmacology Department, Faculty of Medicine UNISBA
4. Histology Department, Faculty of Medicine UNISBA
5. Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine UNISBA


Scabies in Indonesia, especially in pesantren is still a problem in the city of Bandung. Various efforts have been made to treat and eliminate scabies in pesantren, but have not been able to make pesantren free of scabies. The purpose of this study was to determine data regarding the availability of PHBS textbooks in Islamic boarding schools. The study conducted an observational cross-sectional approach to 20 boarding school representatives around the city of Bandung, to find out the PHBS teaching materials used by students and the incidence of scabies in the pesantren visited. Election of pesantren by using random sampling, statistical analysis using t-test analysis. Based on data from the office of the ministry of religion in Bandung city education and boarding schools, there are 174 boarding schools in the city of Bandung. Of the 20 pesantren that were successfully visited, none have teaching materials on clean and healthy living behaviors that used as a guide for students. The highest incidence of scabies was 88%, and the lowest was 10%. The results showed that the presence of PHBS teaching materials was not related to the incidence of scabies. Multifactorial which can cause scabies in addition to teaching materials is a social-cultural factor, climate, clean water facilities, easy access to health services, easy access to health information besides PHBS textbooks. Although all pesantren did not have PHBS teaching materials, the existence did not affect the knowledge of students and the incidence of scabies statistically.

Keywords: Clean and Healthy Living Pocketbook, Pesantren, Scabies

Topic: Islamic approach in Medical and Health Sciences


Conference: Medical and Global Health Research Symposium (MORES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Yani Triyani)

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