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Dewi Widowati, Fit Yanuar

Universitas Sahid


Saving is an action that can produce positive results. Through saving, someone can prepare funds for the unexpected, or maybe saving activities used as preparation for the needs that have been previously predicted. Saving should be used as a habit. However, not all people have the habit of saving, it needs to be used as a habit in ones life, for that it needs to be educated since childhood so that saving activities become a habit so that in the end the saving culture is never passed until the child becomes an adult. Age 4-6 years is an important age in human life because the imagination and duplication power of children is very high. Therefore it is necessary to education about "saving culture". If a child has been accustomed to setting aside some of his allowance for savings, it will become a habit when growing up. Based on this, the article titled: A training of saving culture for OSCAR Kindergarten Students in Serang, discusses the importance of saving culture starting early. The technique used in this training is Persuasion Communication with contexts tailored to kindergarten students.

Keywords: Saving culture; Persuasion Communication

Topic: Communication Environment


Conference: International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Dewi Widowati)

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