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Quality of Rice Straw Silage with Various Additives
Haris Ramdani (a*), Asep Sudarman (a), Wulansih Dwi Astuti (b), Yantyati Widyastuti (b)

a) Faculty of Animal Science, IPB University, Bogor 16680 Indonesia
b) Research Center for Biotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Bogor 16911 Indonesia


Rice is a staple food for Indonesian people. Rice straw is waste produced from rice plant when harvesting. Rice straw can be utilized as feed for livestock especially ruminant. Silage is fermentation technology for preserving roughage such as rice straw. In making silage, additive is needed to maintain lactic acid bacteria for successful fermentation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of various additives (rice bran, glucose and molasses) for three different varieties of rice crop. Rice varieties used were Inpari 30, Inpari NutriZinc and Rindang. This study was conducted in a Completely Randomized Design (CDR) with 4 treatments and 3 replications. Each variety was given treatment T0 = Rice Straw + Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum 1A2); T1 = T0 + Rice Bran 5%; T2 = T0 + Glucose 2%; T3 = T0 + Molasses 5%. The parameter observed were, pH, temperature, dry matter, ash, crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber. The data obtained are analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Duncan Test. The results showed that the treatments significantly affect on pH, dry matter, ash, crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber. It was concluded that Inpari 30 was the best variety because it had the highest crude protein content 10.24% and rice bran was the best additive to produced best quality silage compared with other additives.

Keywords: Rice straw, Silage, Rice bran, Glucose, Molasses

Topic: Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, and Veterinary Science


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICoFA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (HARIS RAMDANI)

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