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Kania Ratnasari, Levyda, Susy Bhudiharty

Universitas Sahid


Milk drinks made through bacterial fermentation or commonly called yogurt are increasingly popular in Indonesia. The benefits for health are quite a lot, especially for digestion and skin health. Therefore, lovers of this acidic drink has not faded. One of the business actors who take advantage of this opportunity is Utari Dayanuri or commonly called Tarie. She opened the Yogurt House since 2007 in her own home in the Tebet area. There are several problems in developing partner products, namely in terms of product design and labeling, marketing and product legality permits. The PKM activities carried out are related to the problems of the partners above by making efforts to empower and develop partnerships to be able to develop business partners by increasing entrepreneurial managerial knowledge and marketing insights. The result of this PKM activity is that the partner is currently doing house renovation, especially kitchen renovation as one of the requirements to get BPOM legality permit, then the partner has now been audited to get the halal logo of the MUI, the partner is also one of the fostered agencies of the DKI Provincial Government Office Cooperatives and the Department of Industry so as to open up opportunities for partners to get a variety of free bazaars also take part in marketing training for the sustainability of the partners home business, Rumah Yogurt.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs, Rumah Yogurt, Business Development, Culinary

Topic: Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Conference: International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Kania Ratnasari)

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