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Titin Herawati, Andreas Sugiharta, Ayi Yustiati, Emma Rochima, Dimas Angga Hedianto

Universitas Padjadjaran


Background: Cimanuk River is one of the biggest river in West Java. Therefore, the Cimanuk Watershed was dumped and become a reservoir named Jatigede Reservoir. Certainly, Jatigede Reservoir affects fish habitat that lives in Cimanuk River especially because of the flowing (lotik) to stagnant (lentik) ecosystem change. Indirectly, Jatigede Reservoir will also change the water quality of Cimanuk River especially in the outlet or Jatigede Reservoir disposal area. In same research case also shows that there was a population decrease on Chitala sp population species and several original and economic fish species in Kampar Riau River caused by Kutopanjang Reservoir construction [1]. Therefore, a research to decide the food habits, niche breadth and trophic level of fish communities toward the source of the natural food availability in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir outlet is needed. This research was started from May until September 2018, located in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir, West Java Aims: This research aims to determine the food habits, nice breadth and trophic level of fish communities in River Cimanuk at the outlet of Jatigede Reservoir. Materials and Methods: The materials used in the research were the fish sample, plankton sample and benthos sample. The method used in this research was survey method and it was analyzed by descriptive quantitative and descriptive comparative methods. The parameters used in this research include physical parameter such as temperature, current speed and transparency of light, along with chemistry, include pH and DO. The food habits identification, the parameters used include plankton abundance [2], benthos abundance[3], index of preponderance[4], niche breadth[5], and troph rate [6]. Results: The abundance of fitoplankton in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir Outlet is approximately 56.349 ind/L - 499.0494 ind/L ind/L. Fitoplankton with Staurastrum genera has the most abundance. Benthos abundance in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir outlet area are approximately in between 44 ind/m 2 –89 ind/m 2 . The highest abundance population is Goniobasis genera of Gastropoda class. The type of fish found in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir Outlet Area consist of 6 families, 9 genera and 10 species. The composition of fish food found in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir Outlert is presented in Figure 1. Every type of fish has their own ability to utilize natural food that available in the nature. The study to describe the amount of proportion of food source utilize by one type of fish is niche breadth. The niche breadth of fish in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir Outlet shows in Table 1. Conclusion: Fish in Cimanuk River at Jatigede Reservoir Outlet almost all has a high selectivity in utilizing natural source of food, it show the different with fish in Jatigede Reservoir that has low selectivity in utilizing natural source of food. Jatigede reservoir dam make habitat fragme

Keywords: cimanuk river, food habits, jatigede reservoir, niche breadth, trophic level.

Topic: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture


Conference: International Conference on Bioenergy and Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Technology (ICONBEAT 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Titin Herawati)

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