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Diny Agustini SANDRASARI

Sahid University


Women-s participation to improve the family economic is through an entrepreneurship. One of the business have done by women-s in Cipayung area is to make a banana chips. Banana chips that they have produced have a savory and crispy taste but it has no longer. However, even though the business has been operating more than 5 years, that business not expanded. That is caused by low technology that they are used such as the slicing process, they still do this process manually so that it has unequal thickness, they used plastic to packaging the product with a simple seal so easy to broken and can make the product will be rancid quickly. The method used in this community development activity is participation of women-s community who have banana chips business in Cipayung sub-district, East Jakarta. This activity begins with a discussion with the community to identifying the problems, determine priority issues that must be endured resolved. The results of discussion is they agreed the main problem about the business is slicing process and packaging. To complete this problem which is an obstacle about the slicing process, it must be made with banana slicer machine, while for the packaging problem, improved packaging and labeling system must be done which aims to increase the production process of banana chips. The results showed that the introducing of technology will increased the production capacity and income of the community by 40%.

Keywords: Empowerment, women-s community, banana chips

Topic: CSR and Empowerment


Conference: International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Kania Ratnasari)

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