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Nutritive value of banana steam with aplicative technology tricoderma sp. as ruminants feed
Rohmiyatul Islamiyati

a. Faculty of animal science, Hasanuddin University Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan KM.10, Makassar 90245, Indonesia *rohmiyatul_islamiyati[at]


Ruminant livestock production is highly dependent on the availability of feed. The problem in ruminant production in Indonesia is the difficulty of meeting the continuous availability of feed especially the dry season. Banana steam is an alternative feed for ruminant a lot of but low in nutrition content. The aim of this study was to determine the content of nutritive value of banana steam treated with applicative technology Trichoderma sp. as ruminant feed. The experimental design was used a completely randomized design (CRD) with 3 treatments and 3 replications. The level of Trichoderma sp., namely 2.5%, 5.0% and 7.5%. The steam of banana was incubated during two weeks. Analysis of variance showed that the level of Trichoderma sp. not significantly effect (P >0.05) on crude protein and neutral detergent fiber (NDF). The higher levels of Trichoderma sp. tendency increased content of crude protein and decreased of NDF

Keywords: Trichoderma sp., nutritive value, banana steam

Topic: Animal Nutrition and feed technology


Conference: The 2nd Iternational Conference of Animal Science and Technology (ICAST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rohmiyatul Islamiyati)

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