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Investing in Quality Early Childhood Education for Quality Indonesian Human Resources
Muhammad Hasbi

Ministry of Education and Culture


Early Childhood Education (ECE) is an important foundation of quality and sustainable human life in Indonesia. The Presidential Decree Number 60/2013 on Holistic and Integrative Early Childhood Education mandates that there are five basic needs that all Indonesian children should have, namely health, nutrition, education, care and protection. In line with it, relevant stakeholders are expected to collaborate and work hand in hand to realise quality ECE. There are at least three important parties to be involved: family or parents, educational units and health institutions. Of these three, it is important to note four things: first, the quality of the teachers, especially in establishing patterns of communication or interaction between teachers and children. Second, curriculum and methods, such as the ability to create and innovate play-based learning methods. Third, it is important to integrate health institutions in ECE units. Finally, parenting plays an essential role to stimulate childrens development.

Keywords: Quality; ECE; Parenting; Holistic Integrative

Topic: Access, Participation and Quality of Early Childhood Education


Conference: International Conference on Early Childhood Education and Parenting (ECEP 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Hasbi)

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